About Paddy’s Pub

About Paddy's Pub Bali

About Paddy’s Pub Bali

Back in 1998, in August 1998 to be exact, Paddy’s Pub was founded by a Balinese named Mr. Gde Wiratha as an Owner. From the very beginning, Paddy’s Pub was showing a great progress as a Local boy. And Mr. Gde Wiratha was able to lift the legian area and the surrounding to be well known to the world and become a cool prime night life tourist destination in Bali. Four years by the time goes, on 12 October 2002 Bali was shocked by the Bomb Blast tragedy which torn the Paddy’s Pub apart. The spot where Paddy’s Irish Pub was standing and the blast was happened is now well known as the “GROUND ZERO MONUMENT”. In 2003 Paddy’s Irish Pub were relocated 100 meters to the South of its original location, and the name was change into “PADDY’S RELOADED”. With the bomb Bali tragedy, Paddy’s Reloaded names are quickly spread and well known not only in Indonesia but also to around the world. Since 2007 the Bali tourism are Blooming, then make Paddy’s Reloaded transfer its name to Paddy’s Club.

Time files on 2012, Bali Tourism again struck by the global economic downfall which are impact a great deal to the number of tourist who visited Bali that time. The number was plunge to the lowest level for decades. That condition is also impacting Paddy’s operation that time. But, Mr. Gde Wiratha as an owner were refused to surrender, refused to give up on Paddy’s. He did all He can do to save Paddy’s operation. It was involving huge effort of innovation and creativities to keep Paddy’s on the surface.

Now, his only Son Mr. Calvin Wiratha who inherited Paddy’s keeps continuing what His father starting. He updates the Paddy’s facilities, guide and motivate his staffs to move forward together. And slowly once again Paddy’s is on its BEST! Well known by the tourist either Domestic or Foreigners both local and International.

Now days, Paddy’s established by its Fresh new name as “PADDY’S PUB”